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Is Dhoom 3 Indeed A 500 Crore Film?

Just stumbled upon a news article, as per a statement from Yash Raj Films: “Dhoom 3 continues to create history at both the Indian and Overseas Box Office. It is now officially the first Indian film to cross Rs 500 Crores Worldwide, making it the biggest motion picture event of all time!” You can read it here.

I do not refute that claim. But the numbers hide more than just a stellar movie. I would argue that it’s the inflation effect that has boosted the topline numbers for D3. You can read about higher ticket prices here.

Even if one were to assume conservatively that about 1 crore people watch an average blockbuster, priced at an average of Rs 100 per ticket, then that movie would gross about Rs 100 crore at the box office.

However, if we were to assume that movies which create a huge hype and hoopla before their launch, by burning a lot of marketing dollars, manage to raise footfalls by 1.5 times and average ticket price by 2x, then we are home. Of course, this is a simplistic calculation and one can argue pretzels around it, but the following table will illustrate this effect:


As with any other project, it would be interesting to see the numbers at the operating level.